The Weight Issue

I was scrolling through Facebook, wasting meaningless time, and I came across this post by this girl who says, "Guess how much I weigh... and guess carefully because I'm sure you will be surprised that it is more than you may think."

Who gives a shit?? No one does. It is a number on a scale that represents your body mass equivalent to the amount of muscle, fat, water, and other components of your body. It SHOULD mean nothing to anybody.

Unfortunately, that is not the case in modern day America. Our generation, and many generations before us, was cursed with having the seed of an idea that a number that is too great on a scale is a sin to society. And that seed is rapidly growing into extreme dieting and exercise that is not only terrible for our bodies, but is also creating a great bearing weight on our mental health. The fact that we will go to the levels of starvation to see those last TWO pounds disappear off the scale is absurd.

In this situation, not only are these people (the people who choose to let their body image rule their life) taxing their bodies by putting them in extreme stress, but they are also missing out on the greater enjoyments of our existence. They are missing out on the tasteful foods of everyday life and activities they couldn't possibly be sustained for because they don't treat their bodies will enough to produce the energy it takes to fulfill those activities.

They are missing out on those gratifications and they are missing out on the pleasure of having a peaceful mind. The way that a mind works to sum up the idea that the body needs to be only skin and bones is brought on by the plagues of our environment. But more often than not, we see the minds taking it too many steps to far by saying that they need to be tinier then they already are. Then once they get to be at that tiny place, they need to be even smaller. It is a disease of the mind that that will lead us into non-existence, and it is all brought on by the encouragement of the people we look up to telling us that they 4 is the new 6 and the 0 is the new 4 and so on.

I know that once all these clichés are forgotten people can finally be at ease. I know this because I went through this, and when I was going through this I thought that it was the greatest idea in the world because I was told that the outcome would make me more beautiful, and more agile, and just more-even though I was less. I remember it like it was a dream for me. I remember not eating at a healthy sustainable rate, and taking the energy from the rest of my life and putting it all to the focus of dropping the extra size of jeans or seeing the extra sliver of tininess in my waist. I thought that it was all worthwhile even though it could easily disappear within a week.

The idea intoxicated my mind to where I would look at my naked body in the mirror every morning and see flaws that were probably just in my imagination. I would think disgust because I didn’t see what I liked-there was something wrong and I couldn’t pinpoint it. So I kept doing what I was told to do, and I kept ruining my body because I thought that is what I needed to do to see beauty again. I was doing all the things that I knew I shouldn’t be doing but I didn’t recognize that I was doing them.

It was an awful situation that I finally got out of by telling myself that I didn’t care what anyone thought anymore. I didn’t pay attention to how people looked at me, or what size of clothing I wore, or what the scale told me of my body composition. I told myself that it wasn’t a pressing issue to me anymore. Since then, my life in general has gone in a better direction. My confidence is much higher than it used to be, I am doing things that I have always wanted to do, and I don’t see disgust when I look at myself.

Yes, it is true that sometimes those thoughts of being rail-thin come back to me, and I do feel that in some way or another it might make me feel a little better, but I know those are all thoughts that are there to test me of my will to be better than what I was before. It is an unfortunate thing that comes with life, but in the end I feel it will make me stronger than what I am now.

I do realize that there are occasions where it would really be better for someone to lose some body fat that is strenuous for their health but in nearly every instance of dieting that is not the case. There is not point to wasting a life on these ridiculous assumptions that being skinny is the best way to go. But as long as people keep telling us that that is what the case is then no one will get beyond this condition insanity.

I guess my point here is to say that if you are encouraging someone to shed that non existing fat then please, stop. You are not helping anyone into a better way of life. Just let them do what a human would do naturally without all of these encouragements. Let them be happy.

From The Girl Who Just Wants To Get A Message Across

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Comments (1)

  1. kennahmichelle

    I couldn’t agree with you more makyla! Our world has made you think that curvy is not longer sexy. It quite depressing. I am a curvy figure. I get that but guess what. I am happy. I have a bf that loves me how I am so why should anything else matter. Curvy is still SEXY

    December 05, 2011
  2. jacksonfreedman

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    March 10, 2017