Smoking A Joint?

I go to college in the heart of Seattle, Washington. While being here I thing it is safe to say that I have seen my fair share of... things. As of now I am sitting in a sandwhich shop, one that students clearly like to use as a study group meeting place, and I am eating/drinking some warm chicken noodle soup (Yum!)

While I sit here I catch myself gazing at a group of guys just outside the window (probably because they have me in this super power Asain wizard entrancement spell :P ) and they seem jazzed about something that they are about to do. Either that or they have ants in their pants. But I am soon coming to realize what they might be so excited about. In their hands are some smoking objects that are hard, compact, and are perfectly cylindrical like a cigarette that can be found at any gas station. The only thing that is missing is the yellow ends that give the warning of where to put those eager lips.

Except I don't think those are any regular Marlboro Reds. I say this because the dudes who have them are holding them the way one may hold a joint. Smoking them the way one would do with weed. Acting the way one would if they were getting high off of "The Great Herb". 

If that is the case then they must have some serious idiot genes in them. Not because of the fact that they are smoking weed but because they are smoking right smack dab in the middle of U District where a cop is around every corner. It makes me wonder if they have brains between those ears that seem to always be occupied by microscopic headphones.

That is if what they are smoking is a joint.


From The Girl Who Ceases To Be Amazed

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Comments (1)

  1. elizabethwray

    I remember when I was Seattle couple summers ago. I was waitin for a bus and this group of about 4 people where sitting at one of the benches smoking some Maryjane. As soon as they were finished they left. its sad to say, that it really didnt surprise me. Some cops simply dont care, but usually people dont care, if they wanna smoke their gonna find a place to smoke. Thats how it is, and some people like to live a little more dangerously and just smoke out in public in a heavily populated area. I agree with you…their idiots. lol

    October 25, 2011
    1. meyerm

      haha Amen sister! :P

      October 25, 2011
  2. matem1991

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    March 16, 2017