Oh My, That Damn Spinning Class!

Ok, so to tell you the truth when I was little, I waold hear on T.V. or in the movies how women would always go to these "spinning" classes, and I am telling you with all honesty right now that I thought they were spinning as in sewing. You know, like off of Sleeping Beauty where she pricked her finger on that spinning wheel that was made for sewing whatever together? Yup, that is what I thought a biking class was.

Now why couldn't they just name it that? A biking class? They just had to go muck it all up and confuse me, huh? Maybe it's because if we were actually biking we would be exploring the world, not watching ourselves writhing in pain in the mirror.


I say that because I just went to a "spinning" class yesterday, and I woke up this moring, yes with some pain in my legs, but what hurt the most was my ass! I mean god damn, it feels like some leather boot legged sailor with a mean side just came up and kicked me a good one! I think I understand now why all the pro-looking biking people wear those paddy spandex pants that make it look like they have a couple days worth of poop built up in there. This soreness is not awesome!

But on the other hand the workout was really good. :D

From The Girl Who Needs An Ice Pack

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  1. elizabethwray

    hahahaha great share! (:
    to be honest, i thought the EXACT same thing. (:
    but glad to know differently know

    October 25, 2011
  2. meyerm

    hahaha oh good! i thought i was the only one who ever thought that

    October 25, 2011