Is it bad to think that I am better off than other people? Not saying that I am ultimately better than they are or that I have more things than they do, but that I am that much more positive. I listen and read all these negative things and I just can't imagine how hard it would be to live life with that oppression. I know that when I am negative it makes my entire day turn to shit, and who would want that? To live every day like it was a burden to get to the end of it and start the next one.

Yes, some people that I have spoken to that are Debby Downers say that they don't see anything wrong with it. But it's like they are use to not seeing a greatness out of life though. A little like when you don't eat as much the body gets used to it and doesn't see the problem in not eating anymore. Maybe if they just got that taste of positivity then... I don't know, they would be better off?

But it's like I can't say that. It goes completely against my saying of "whatever floats your boat".  Maybe they are perfectly happy thinking terribly of everything. It just makes me sad to come to realization of that because I want everyone to feel this happiness that I am feeling. I just want everyone to be positive.

But now I am starting to sound like the people who just want to push their beliefs down the throats of others. Almost like the religion fenatics who won't seem to ever leave you alone untill you have one day converted to their beleifs. They are just so confident that what they know is the right way to do everything and I know that isn't how life works.. most of the time.

Or maybe it is that everyones negative mood brings down my positive mood and I don't want that to happen. Is it selfish to say that? To say that I want them to change for my own self comfort? Maybe it is but I think everyone is a little selfish in their own ways. So I can't feel so guilty because I am not the only one that way.. But I still feel guilty.

When will i find the place where everything will mesh and fit perfectly together like the pieces of a puzzle. Is there even a place like that? I hope so.

From The Girl Who Doesn't Like Your Negative Manner

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    March 27, 2017