Courtesy and Respect

I am a cook. That is what I do for a living and that is what I am going to school for. I love what I do. It makes me happy knowing that I am able to creat something and have it bring so much joy to someone else. I mean I love eating my food also, but I mostly enjoy watching someone else savor it instead. I was away from the kitchen for a whole summer because I got a job lifeguarding but I started up again about a month ago and I love it to peices.

There is a downside to this postion though. Cooks arn't know for being the kings of the world. They are often overlooked for all the hard work that is being done and are sometimes treated as the bottom of the barrel. Maybe this is because we have given ourselves the image of total dirt bags; most cooks smoke (not me) becuase it is a high stress job because everything needs to be perfect; we all start to look grungy on the job because there isn't much time for breaks and the food and grease just get everywhere; and some cooks arn't the happiest of people because others don't know the terms of courtesy and respect.

I am speaking of one or two people about this respect issue. Since I have started my new job these people have just been rubbing me the wrong way, and they happen to be waiters. I don't know if it is just the restaurant that I work at or if it is every other restaurant out there but the waiters seem to think that they make the world go round and the sun shine. It makes me a little disgusted because anyone who has that high of an opinion about themselves has to be conciented and therefore a tad bit rude.

This girl, I don't knwow her name or how old she is (nor do I care becuase of how aweful she is), treates all of us - cooks - like the dirt under a mashed up pile of dog crap!  Tonight when dinner rush is happening and all our plates of food are going out, like perfection under a time bomb ticking away, she has the nerve to say to the guys "I am not taking that out and selling it. You need to do it again." And in the most snide tone. Ugh. At first the guys were like whatever I'll just do the plate again, shit happens. But after about the third or fourth plate that she asked to be redone, no one answered her demand. So, in response, she yelled at us to change the damn plate and then stormed off. Then we all looked at each other and just laughed and laughed becuase it is just so hard to believe that an adult would throw a tantrum like that.

She came back, left the guys alone, but then started attacking me! I had missed part of a ticket that said add anchovies on the side and she says "This calls for anchovies!" so I say "Oh my gosh! Are you sure? Well let me get that right away for you! I mean I am positive that if you don't get those right away the world will end." You should have seen her face. Lets just say if looks could kill I would be 5 times dead. But she went on her way after she got her damn anchovies and after she slipped in a few snide remarks.

There was another wiatress though that came along to the guys side and asked them politely "Can you please refire this? I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it has been sittting in the window for too long." And the guys did it. I guess what I am trying to say is that common courtesy can take a person a long way. The girl that was rude, has now lost respect from the whole kitchen and has deemed her reputation as the bitch. It is unfortunate but I guess that is karma for treating people like they arn't worth a penny that is tails up and dropped in a bucket of worms.


My message: Please, please, please, give your respect to everyone even if you may think that they arn't worth it. It will take you a long ways in life.


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