Buford and Olga's Night On the Town - Part 1

There come to be nights that are so eventful that they have to be told. The night that Olga and Buford spent together must be told.

There are websites like Groupon, Google Offers, or bloomspot that send special deals to Olga’s e-mail. As she was making her usual rounds through her mail and the sites, she came upon a special offering that seemed unable to resist. It was a show titled “Le Faux” that was based on celebrity impersonations. She thought that it would have been a great idea to go to this show so she called her dear friend Buford.

She said to him, “I haven’t seen you in ages! We need to hang out and I have the perfect thing for us to do.” Buford agreed and plans were made to go out on the town that Friday night. As Olga prepares herself for the evening it starts to drizzle outside. Just a light mist, nothing too great or horrid, easily manageable. As time ticks on though, the weather kicks in, at least for the moment of time.

She walks to her car to meet Buford and thinks that it would be a good idea to purchase a rain jacket because it is now pouring cats and dogs with a little bit of raindrops here and there. As she fumbles for her keys and jumps into the car and zips out of the parking lot onto the road, Olga is welcomed by incoming golf ball sized hail that may , at any minute, break through the bug splattered windshield. A worried look comes to her face as she navigates the unfamiliar dark roads where the only thing she can see are the bright red brake lights of the cars in front of her. But being the mighty girl that Olga is, she keeps composure and continues at a steady pace until.. Dun!Dun!Dun! The thunder comes.

That is the breaking point. With a slight shriek, she zooms to the side of the road and refuse to move a single inch until she is done cowering in fear from the awful booming and flashing light that come from the endless sky. Sure enough, frightening scene passes and off she goes in suddenly clear weather and now easily manageable road.

At last, she makes it to Buford’s darling dorms. Being the gentleman that he is, he offers to pay for the ridiculously overpriced parking on the ridiculously overcrowded street of the ridiculously overpopulated city. But no matter! As he slides in that hard plastic card of his, the machine works, and works, …and works… oh there it goes! Finally some feedback from the parking whore! It decided to be extra nice and say.. “No payment necessary. Thank you. Come again.” Buford and Olga stare at the machine, at each other, at the machine and back at each other again. Then, they jump for joy! “Yay! Yay! Yay!” they cheer with obvious excitement that they don’t have to shuffle out unnecessary dollar dollar bills.

They head back to his room to pick up a couple of things that are needed and run into a friend of Buford’s. The friends asks what they are up too and Buford replies, “We are headed on a ‘date,’” flicking two fingers of each hand up and down to symbolize that this really isn’t a lovers date.. Far from it. Any who, the friend suggests a Thai restaurant down on “The Ave” that is to die for so the decision was made that that will be where Buford and Olga will dine out.

The two friends entered his room and there are these other two friends that are gazing at a T.V. screen that is much too big for their itty bitty room. Olga was introduced to one she already knew but couldn’t quite remember the name (it was very Chinese and very confusing) and met the other boy for the first time. And what do you know! His name was the same as Olga’s brother! The new boy claimed that that was strange because he had never met anybody with his name before. Olga was surprised at that statement because it seems that everyone she knows has that name… “Hmm,” she thinks, “Maybe he is a little bit sheltered…”

Soon they are ready to go and much down some delicious food because by this time they could both hear their tummy’s yelling at them grumbling, “Feed me now!” So, off they go into the night to start their “date” together.

From The Girl Who Has More To Come

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