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I sit here in the libraray of my school trying to study. But I don't because my eyes wander to all the different faces around me. One table has a guy with big glasses and headphones and furiously writing away at something with a RedBull sitting there, waiting to be drank. Another table has a group of people all different (race, style, sex) but yet the same (laughing, studying, hanging out). Everyone here seems to be able to find someone to be able to have some kind of relationship with, whether that is just aquaintences or something much more.

There is so much bustle and connection between all these people and I am sitting here at my table alone, thinking that I really need to find someone to connect with. I don't how to do that though. I feel like I am back in Kindergarden where all the kids litteraly say "Do you want to be freinds?" They don't try and build a friendship over time and make things work through experiences to together. They just get on the boat and go.

That is what I need to do now. Just get on the boat. Maybe I need to go to an elementary school and get advice from one of the kids so I can be an expert on the situation. There we go, that is what I will do. Then I will see someone interesting walking down the hall, I will go up, and say "Hello! My name is ______, it's good to meet you." I am only assuming that is how things go down but I guess I won't know for sure untill I get the advice.

But hey look at that! Someone just sat at my table ready to do some homework and he said hello! Maybe I'm not the only one on the lonely bluesy boat looking for the stellar linking of two personalities! . And he is kinda cute. Hopefuly he is tall. That doesn't matter though because I just want to make a friend in this big new city.

I think I need to visit this Kindergardner ASAP.  I don't want to mess this up!

Or maybe I should be a dumb gloat and find a self help book that will guide me through my ways! I don't think being as mean as this guy though will help me out all that much.

Much Love From The Friend Seeker.


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Comments (1)

  1. meyerbooya

    The things you could learn from a kindergartner. Trust me….they would be better to talk to than a book. You will find your way. I know you will. xoxo

    October 17, 2011
  2. mistle39

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    April 07, 2017